Our staff powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We couldn’t accomplish much without their energy, dedication and talent.

Learn more about the people behind our organization.

Flora Founder

CEO/Board of 555-5555

Flora Founder got the idea for this organization after a long summer of soul searching. She knew that many people would be able to get back on the right track if only they had a little help and support. Before launching the organization in 2017, she received her Masters in Nonprofit Management at NYU and volunteered with the Peace Corps. Today, Flora continues to serve on our Board to offer strategic guidance and fundraising support.

Dane Director

Executive 555-5555

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Marcy Manager

Program 555-5555

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Board of Directors

The Board provides oversight of our programs and the organization’s financial health. As dedicated volunteers, they are an essential part of our leadership team and our efforts to responsibly raise funds and awareness.

  • Robert Jones, Business Owner – Board Chair
  • Dr. Rita Singh, Physician – Vice Chair
  • Lena Johnson, Accountant
  • Mark Williams, Former Mayor
  • Amanda Larson, Retired Teacher